Birthday Wishes, Bernard Hill and More…

Well we’ve had quite the time of it recently as I’m sure you’ve heard!

Busy but fantastic, creative and productive.

First and foremost, let us just say a huge (if slightly belated) Happy Birthday to the man himself, Duncan Edwards. Dunc turned 83 on the 1st of October, so we saw this as the perfect time to formally introduce the beautiful play written by the wonderful Rose Cook Monk ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’ at a press launch in the Mayors Parlour in Dudley (only the best for our Dunc!) We would like to thank Councillor David Stanley for allowing us to utilise his parlour and for being so supportive of what we’re trying to achieve.

Afterwards we all took a stroll up to Duncan’s memorial statue in the heart of Dudley Town and lay flowers out of remembrance, respect and love, and continued over to his final resting place afterwards to conclude the days events.

And what a glorious event this was. Heaving with support, heavy with emotion and bustling with excitement it glowed from start to finish as we divulged our most exciting news – non other than BERNARD HILL is staring in every live performance of our incredible play. Bernard, who can be loosely translated as the narrator of the play has been expertly written into the stage play and says it is “a genius piece of writing. It is about time Duncan was remembered like this – a hero of Old Trafford.” – Well, what overwhelming praise from such a true professional.

Understandably the press has been all over the incredible news and it has been broadcast nationally. I’m sure you can all agree this brings fantastic exposure to this outstanding work of art and makes it all very real!

We we’re lucky enough to witness a few live performances during this event and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that the performances by Duncan’s Mom and his Fiancé were unspeakably moving. There are so may remarkably talented individuals onboard with this project; doing justice to the outstanding level of writing involved.

Rose herself spoke openly and warmly about her experiences with Duncan’s family and her inspiration behind her documentary and the play itself, how she felt about Duncan (He’s my friend. Simple as that) and his Mom (I truly loved her) who most importantly gave Rose her complete blessing to keep Duncan’s memory alive. And isn’t she doing a grand job? It felt like Duncan was in the room with us.

With the backing of Duncan’s beloved family, cast and crew with talents galore and the determined drive of the writer Rose Cook Monk, this play will most certainly be ‘Keeping the Dream Alive’ for some time.

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