Manchester Munich Memorial Foundation

Manchester Munich Memorial Foundation Gala Dinner September 2019

On 20th September I travelled with my husband Andy, Dusky Edwards – Duncan’s second cousin and her partner Peter to Old Trafford cricket ground as guests of the MMMF.   I was honoured to tell the room of 150 guests about our Foundation and the upcoming play that I have written.  As always we were treated to VIP treatment and so warmly welcomed by the Red Army family. 

Founded in 2017 the MMMF is preserving the legacy Duncan and the wonderful Busby Babes left behind.  They work tirelessly to help children’s/sportrelated Charities in Munich – where of course the tragic air crash of 1958 occurred, Belgrade – where the Babes played their final match and of course their beloved home of Manchester.   Having been treated so wonderfully by the Manchester United supporters and believing in the incredible work they are doing for underprivileged children both here and in Europe, I did not hesitate in donating one of my treasured coins that was found in Duncan’s possessions after the tragedy and given to me by his mother Sarah Ann.  The coin proved to be a much sought after piece of memorabilia and aftermuch discussion, begging and soul searching I parted with 3 of my beloved coinswhich netted a huge £2,400 for the coffers of this wonderful organisation.  How proud I was!!

We listened to United super fan, author and friend of the Busby Babes Tom Clare. Tom, who now lives in America and is really ill fighting cancer, spoke so eloquently and with huge knowledge about the history of the Busby Babes and his great friend Duncan Edwards.  Tom is loved by everyone who knows him and as well as being our ‘overseas Patron’ he is our friend and we send him our love and prayers for a speedy and full recovery.

Another speaker who had the room in tears was the Grandson of the unsung hero of Manchester United Jimmy Murphy.    Paul, who admitted had never spoke in public before about his wonderful Grandfather spoke so movingly about the unassuming, loyal and wonderful person Jimmy Murphy was.  He told of Jimmy’s love of the beautiful game of football, his love of the young footballers in his care and how he thoughtof Duncan as one of his own.   Paul so rightly got a standing ovation for the most moving, proud and loving speech of the night and sealed all of our thoughts that Jimmy Murphy – the man who saved Manchester United – deserves recognition from the club that he made great again.  As an individual and as a Foundation we will continue our fight to get a permanent memorial to this great man at the Theatre of Dreams.

It was truly a wonderful night and I am so honoured to have been part of it and to have been invited by a fabulous group of people I am so proud to call my friends.

Meantime!!!! over the road at Hotel Football another dinner, this time for the Former Players Association was being held.  Having also been invited to this dinner but having already accepted the invite by the MMMF, our wonderful Trustee Steve Austin represented the Foundation.  Steve also spoke on our behalf and presented the Chairman Alan Wardle a glass tankard in recognition of the work he does for the former players.   Steve who was in the presence of our Patron former Busby Babe Wilf McGuiness and supporter The King of Old Trafford Dennis Law had an equally superb night and we thank both organisations for their friendships, support and work they do.

We are so fortunate to have ties with both the MMMF and the Former Players Association and will continue to give them the support they have so warmly given us.

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